Positive Parenting helps a child's self growth in the early years.  

Being respectful to our children helps them feel secure

When we respond to their big emotions without added big emotions, it helps provide a solid foundation. They feel secure instead of out of control or in an unstable environment.

Now, I am one of the most sensitive and emotional people on earth. So this is hard for me.

But learning to not escalate a situation by injecting peace and calm gives kids a baseline for their own emotions, tears, and outbursts of overwhelming feelings.

Some days, just getting dinner on the table is the most important parenting of the day. Others it’s teaching gratitude. 

From toddlers to teens, we’re here to help.

Alongside personal growth tools, because we need to fill our own cups to be able to fill our children's!

Tegan, Founder of Grow Happy, Teacher and Mother of 3 Boys