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Early Childhood Emotional Literacy Kete

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Grow Happy is excited to launch the Early Childhood Emotional Literacy Kete!

Jam packed bundle of resources for parents and teachers to foster young children’s understanding of emotions. 

What’s Included:

        • How do I feel? Dictionary of Emotions for Children $39.95. With 60+ definitions to help improve emotional literacy. This HUGE hardcover book with over 140 pages, is all about our children learning to recognise and label emotions and feelings.
        • Big Emotions for Little People. Hard cover book $18.95. When we help young children label their emotions, it helps them to understand and manage what they are feeling and to improve their emotional literacy as they grow.
        • How do I feel? Poster set $29.95. A poster set of emotions for children from the best-selling book, How Do I Feel? A Dictionary of Emotions for Children.
        • Kuwi and Friends Emotions Magnet Set $19.95. From the Kuwi & Friend Māori Picture Dictionary - He Papakupu Whakaahua 
        • Tu Meke Tuatara $29.99. Tahi the Tuatara is down in the dumps and no matter what his friend, Roger the Ruru tries, nothing seems to change his mood. It’s not until they answer a cry for help that their journey takes an unexpected turn. Tu Meke Tuatara! is a story about empathy, friendship and discovering that sometimes the best way we can feel better about ourselves, is to help someone else.
        • Parent/Teacher Guide $15. Resources and Education for teaching emotional literacy in a positive way. Reflective of Te Whariki the Early Childhood Curriculum NZ.


Release date: Mid May 2022